Brytknee Ketchum

I'm 21
drink like a russian fish

I dont smoke

She lives at night and sleeps all day she'll dance and drink her life away and she dosn't give a damn


Why The Fuck Is Everyone So Damn Hard On Themselves?

Seriously. Everyone is complaining about not knowing who to trust, not having real friends, not being good enough, not finding love, w.e

-If you wanna know who to trust look to who makes an effort to help you when you need it -without- asking

-If you dont think you have real friends. Look harder at your life. If your still convinced you dont go out and meet new people

-If you think your not good enough, do what makes you happy anyway. Confidence will get you everywhere. Happiness will over power any negative.

-If you cant find love, stop looking. It’ll find you.

Love Brytknee

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