Brytknee Ketchum

I'm 21
drink like a russian fish

I dont smoke

She lives at night and sleeps all day she'll dance and drink her life away and she dosn't give a damn


holy sweet jesus my two favorite things (minus vodka)

holy sweet jesus my two favorite things (minus vodka)

Pictures from my Alice in wonderland tea party my lovely bestfriend set up for me a couple years back =]

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Tumblr Challenge

Day 4:
The reason/meaning behind your tumblr name

k so my tumblr name is ItHappenedToAlice
which is the name of a book i found once
that was about a girl who got pregnant young
and did drugs and junk
but since i have forever had a love of alice in wonderland
(hence my tattoo)
i adapted the name with my own meaning

which is that you never know where lifes going to take you
and sometimes life doesn’t really make sense.
you just have to go with it

trust me… it happened to alice.

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